Battery Enterprises has spent a considerable time working with our suppliers of choice to develop what we believe is the right battery for the Australian marketplace.

Our core product line of Power Charge batteries, manufactured by Amalgamated Batteries Manufacturing in Malaysia, is designed for Australia’s tough and unforgiving roads.  Made with thick, fully framed plates, each battery to able to withstand the punishment that Australian roads are known for, resulting in the reliability that we are becoming well known for.

Please click on our ‘Why Install a Power Charge Battery’ web page for further information on the specific features of the Power Charge automotive battery range.

Battery Enterprises also recently become a distributor of the Varta Premium line of automotive batteries, both in Victoria and South Australia.

As a major OE supplier to many of the leading prestige vehicle companies such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, Varta is a recognised world leader in automotive battery technology and design.

Exceptional performance and long life is built into every Varta Premium battery.