Battery Range

The Power Charge Maintenance Free Automotive Battery range caters to every car of the road today.  Manufactured from robust, gravity cast plates, with over 50% thicker plates than some of our rivals, the Power Charge Automotive range is built to last.

With box Maintenance Free and Conventional product lines available, Power Charge Batteries can offer you a battery to suit all your Truck and Tractor requirements.  Improved performance is obtained through the use of glass matt plate separators, and fully framed cast plates.

The Power Charge Marine battery is manufactured with thicker, fully framed cast plates, and takes advantage of glass matt separators and cushions to reduce the impacts of constant vibration.

The Power Charge Deep Cycle uses some of the thickest plates available, all designed to give the longest life possible.

Sourcing the right range and quality of Motor cycle and Sealed Lead Acid (or Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries on the marketplace today, Battery Enterprises again is able to provide our customers with the right battery to suit their requirements.