Why Install a Power Charge Battery

Strong fold down handle allowing for easy handling and installation.
Premium Polypropylene Plastic Flat Top battery casing.
Double layer battery cover with specifically designed ‘tracks’ which allow for the condensation and return of the electrolyte to the cells and thereby reducing the risk of premature battery failure caused by acid starvation.
Re-enforced inter-cell straps and poles which allow for greater electron current flow.
Polyethylene Envelope Separators which reduce internal electrical resistance, and hence increase cranking performance.
Dual side battery vents with filter pads reducing the risk of internal over-pressurisation and explosion due to external spark/flame penetration.
Premium Japanese designed and manufactured battery indicator.
Optimum cast grid with boarder strap design reducing grid and active material separation.
Specially formulated calcium hybrid technology grids maintaining low self discharging properties of the battery while still providing a strong grid frame to withstand vibration.
Thicker plate construction compared with expanded grid methods giving better protection and resistance against vibration and corrosion.
Diagonal cut grids for enhanced current movement, and therefore better CCA output performance.